…my team

Andrew Collier Photography is much more than just me. You could say I’m just the guy with the cameras, and you’d be right. I have a fantastic team helping me deliver the best possible portrait and wedding photography we can.

Josie  – Josie works with me at each shoot, helping with selecting the right clothes and assisting with the shoot. Josie’s also a qualified fashion and photography make up artist and she does the makeup for our portrait sessions. Josie’s sense of fun keeps everyone in a great mood so pre shoot nerves are quickly forgotten. Josie also looks after the production of all our portrait and wedding projects.

Jill– Jill is my PA and runs our diaries and bookings, making sure that I am in the right place at the right time. Jill also organises our presentations and events.

Ann – When you see an amazing ad and wonder, how did they get that shot, it could just be one of Ann’s creations. Originally trained as a transparency retoucher, Ann also works on major campaigns for many of the UK’s lifestyle, fashion and beauty brands. We met three years ago, when a client wanted some digital dentistry and we’ve worked together ever since. Ann prepares all my images for framing, canvasses and for my albums. Very subtle retouching to keep that natural look is highly skilled and she has bags of patience too!