Equine Portraits

Equine portrait photography

Capturing the bond between horse and owner and that special relationship is what makes my photographs stand out and what makes them fabulous, unique, yet affordable artworks in my clients’ homes.

I was asked to do my first equine portrait session in the Spring of 2010. I was surprised by the results and the client was absolutely delighted. Since then my equine portraits have really caught on and I’ve been doing horse portraits throughout Cheshire, Lancashire, Manchester and Merseyside. I love observing the connection and chemistry between horse and owner and capturing that relationship in my photographs.

About your equine portrait session

I usually start with a pre-shoot consultation so I can find out about you and your horse and what you’re looking for from your equine portrait session. We can talk about what to wear, where to do the session and how you’d like to display your photographs. I’ll be able to show you examples of beautiful, bespoke framed photographs and other products such as canvasses and albums.

On the day of your equine portrait session I like to meet the people and horses I’m going to photograph over a cuppa in the yard. This makes the session flow much better as we’ll have chance to talk about what we’re going to do together.

Sessions normally start in the stable yard and then we’ll go into the countryside nearby to create more fabulous images together. Or, if you prefer we can go further afield or even to the beach and gallop through the surf.

How much will your equine portraits cost?

Our equine portrait sessions are £95 and usually last for between one and two hours. Prices for half and full day sessions are available on request. Bespoke framed photographs for wall hanging start at £185.

You can choose individual framed photographs, canvasses, acrylics or albums on an a la carte basis or you can choose from one of our three new Lifestyle Portrait Collections which start at £795.

If you’d like an informal chat about family portraits, details of my Lifestyle Portrait Collections or to check my availability please call 01925 471091 or contact me through the Contact Page.

Thinking of a equine portrait as a gift?

An equine portrait session and a wall hung bespoke framed photograph makes a fabulous gift. Equine Portrait Gift Certificates can be purchased for £255 from our online shop.

Your gift certificates will be sent to you or the person you’re buying it for in a presentation box with full details of the gift and how to arrange their portrait session and choose their bespoke framed photograph. Equine portrait gift certificates do not have prices shown on them.

More information and examples of my equine portraits
You can see more of my equine portraits on my blog. Find out about displaying your photographs in bespoke frames, canvasses, acrylics and albums. Here are a few other things that you might like to know about.