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Pet photography in Cuddington, Cheshire with Mitch the Border Collie

Portrait photography of a black, white and tan border collie in Cuddington Cheshire

‘Life is like a box of chocolates’. Obviously Forrest Gump was referring to life in general when he said this. But, the same goes for photographing pets. You never really know what to expect.


My own bundle of furry joy is Rocky. Many of my clients have met Rocky as he accompanies me on ‘netwalks’ – an ingenious combination of networking and walking. He has his own characteristics and behaviours which he only really shares with Josie and me. To the ‘on-looker’ he may appear to be a small laid-back chap, but those who know him – really know him – know that he’s a feisty so and so.


Portrait of a black, white and tan border collie in Cuddington Cheshire

Getting to know Mitch


I was delighted to be asked to take Mitch’s photograph last summer, a beautiful Border Collie. So, what do I know about this breed of dog? Well, I know from what I have read or heard from others, that they are intelligent, agile, focussed and hard working. I’ve been a dog owner for most of my life, so I know that these traits are just the start. What the dog is like as an individual is anyone’s guess. Until of course, you get to meet them and talk to their owners.


Mitch certainly was intelligent, agile and focussed. He was also full of fun, highly curious and loved his favourite toy. Capturing all of this is what makes a pet portrait so special to the owners. It’s the unique and quizzical way he slants his head, the way he pricks his ears when hearing his name and it’s the way he holds his toy.


This is what makes Mitch unique.


Portrait photograph of a border collie running through long grass in Cuddington Cheshire

The importance of making a pet feel relaxed


I think pets pick up on the fact that I’m an animal lover. They relax and feel at ease in my company. Without them acting like themselves quite frankly I’d be stuffed! If I didn’t have a Doctor Doolittle effect on them, every pet I took a photograph of would just look startled. Not the look anyone is after!


Once Mitch relaxed in my company he was off doing his thing in a place he loved and knew well – perfect. The camera and lens are used to being vigourously sniffed. This enabled me to concentrate on his eyes and his expression, work out where the best light was and encourage him there. A relaxed pet will always ‘do their thing’ and it’s ‘their thing’ that I have to capture.


One of the most fun things for a pet photographer is to reward and motivate. This ‘no costs attached’ payment includes stick throwing, the giving of treats, cuddles or a quick game of tug of war.


And the most rewarding part for me is showing the owner the photographs and hearing the words, ‘wow, that’s OUR Mitch’.


Don’t you agree, he is a handsome chappy?


If you have a pet you’d love to be photographed professionally get in touch. You can call us on 01925 471091 or send a quick message.

A head and shoulders portrait photograph of a border in Cuddington, Cheshire

Portrait photograph of a border collie running through long grass in Cuddington Cheshire

Portrait photograph of a young border collie in Cuddington Cheshire

Portrait photograph of a border collie in a garden in Cuddington Cheshire

Portrait photograph of a border collie in a garden in Cuddington Cheshire

Portrait photograph of a border collie in a garden in Cuddington Cheshire

Portrait photograph of a border collie in a garden in Cuddington Cheshire

Northwich | A family portrait session with young children

Northwich in Cheshire is one of the most popular places for me to go to take family portrait photos. I’m lucky that A family portrait in Northwich
I’ve been chosen by so many families and pet owners to take their portrait photographs. This session from March 2019 was taken as part of a practice session for a wedding at Blakemere Village just outside Northwich. It’s a brilliant outdoor wedding venue but it’s also a great place to for a woodland family portrait session in Spring and Autumn. I don’t like doing family portraits in deciduous woodland in the summer months as there’s often too much leaf cover. In bright sunlight that gives a nasty green caste to the photos. When it’s a cloudy day it can be too dark to get decent photos. Either way, the light is usually bad. In spring and autumn the light and colours can be awesome.Read More

Liverpool | Family portrait photography in Hope Street

Liverpool, home of The Beatles, is one of my favourite locations for one of my favourite types of photography. A genre with raw edge and a degree of cool that doesn’t really happen elsewhere.

socially distanced family portrait in Hope Street, Liverpool

Urban portraits, street portraits, there are loads of different names for them but they are amongst my favourites to do. Being able to mix a family portrait with an urban setting is brilliant. It’s not ideal for all age groups but is perfect for families with older children, late teens and young adults. For late teens and young adults there are so many outstanding backgrounds. Abandoned shops where windows are covered with faded gig posters, bits of graffiti, peeling paintwork, rust and general decay gives me the chance to take photos that wouldn’t out of place on an album cover. Read More

Lymm Dam | Family portrait photography

Portrait of a young family in Autumn near Warrington, Cheshire

Here’s a story about a beautiful family portrait session at Lymm Dam. I’ve photographed literally hundreds of family portrait sessions over the last twelve years and most have had a significant reason behind them. The family portrait session I did for Jane and her children was poignant and marked an anniversary that nobody would have ever wanted.
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Pets | Lifestyle product photography

Lifestyle dog product photography
This post is about a product photography session I did last year for treatyourdog.co.uk. It’s been a while since I posted any commercial work on here. I usually post my commercial work on my commercial photography website yourcommercialphotographer.com. Very occasionally there is a cross over to my social photography and that’s true here. I’ve become well known around Cheshire and North Wales for my pet portrait photography and when Hesther Hiley at treatyourdog.co.uk was looking for a photographer to shoot new photographs and digital assets for their new website, I was delighted to find that I had been recommended by several people she knew.

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How might family group portraits look in the future?

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused so many problems in so many areas of our lives. Social distancing and hand washing have become the norms. We smile and wave as we cross the street to avoid people coming towards us. Apart from the terrible death toll and economic impact, the virus has stopped us doing many of the things we would take for granted; hugging our friends and relatives, going for a pint, playing and watching sport. The list is huge.

Socially distanced group portraits in Warrington, Cheshire

A portrait of socially distanced household groups celebrating VE Day, May 2020.

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Lymm | Thelwall viaduct

Sunrise over Thelwall Viaduct as mist hangs over teh Manchester Ship Canal, Warrington, Cheshire

During lockdown we started to explore parts of Lymm village, where we live near Warrington in Cheshire. We chose places that we hoped would be quiet and away from too many people. We found a footpath that’s well used but on the few occasions we’ve walked it we’ve only seen one or two people walking their dogs or riding their bikes. The path follows Manchester Ship Canal under Thelwall Viaduct. Ive been going over the viaduct all my life but I’d never walked under it.
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Dramatic portraits – seven years apart

dramatic portrait of young man in Warrington on a dark background

Portrait – what does it mean? It means different things to different people but the dictionary definition is ‘A portrait is a painting, photograph, sculpture, or other artistic representation of a person, in which the face and its expression is predominant. The intent is to display the likeness, personality, and even the mood of the person.’ And that last bit for me sums it up perfectly, likeness, personality and mood.

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Dog photography | A Golden Retriever in Chester

Chester is a great place for dog photography with some great locations within the city and in the surrounding countryside in Cheshire and just over the border in North Wales.

Portrait photograph of a Golden Retriever and his owner in parkland in Chester, Cheshire

Dog photography is one of my favourite parts of portrait photography. There is something really special about capturing the character, call it personality, of a pet. I’ve been photographing dogs and cats (and the occasional rabbit) for eleven years and there’s something magic about it. I think the secret is eye contact. You have to get down to the eye level of your subject and you’ve got to let them engage with you. Let them come to you. Whenever I meet clients and their pets for the first time I don’t make a fuss. I let them come to me. And I always have treats in my pockets. Read More

Urban portraits in Manchester – Argentine tango

Argentine tango dancing near Insituto Cervantes in Manchester

This was supposed to be a family portrait session but it didn’t quite work out like that. Jan’s friends bought her a gift voucher for a family portrait session and a bespoke framed photograph for her and her two sons as birthday present. The only problem was that her sons live and work a long way from her getting everyone together for a family portrait session proved to be more difficult than she imagined.Read More