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Personal branding and telling your story

Photos and Presentations – all part of the same picture?

Catherine Sandland, the presenting queen by Andrew Collier Photography

In our first guest blog for a long while Catherine Sandland (known many of us as The Presenting Queen) shares her thoughts about photos and presentations and being photographed by me. This is what she had to say…

I recently had some photos taken for the website and also to update my profile pictures. And the conversation I had with my photographer, Andrew Collier was an interesting one and one that threw up several parallels with what he does and what I do professionally.Read More

Urban portraits and fabulous artworks

Sisters in bus stop- Urban portrait photography in Merseyside

I took this urban portrait of two sisters in Wallasey one November afternoon. I wanted something different to the usual close up portraits we had been shooting during the session and the bright yellow bus stop caught my eye. In colour it looked really garish but I knew that it would look stunning in black and white especially as the winter daylight was starting to fade.Read More

Business portraits with Naomi Marriott – VA Hero

Headshot of Cheshire based Virtual Assistant
Many people have heard my mantra about business portraits or corporate head shots as they are sometimes known. If you haven’t, it’s this; “The face you present to the world says everything about you and your business”

Most of us, whether we realise it or not, make an instant judgement about what we see when we see a photo or when we meet people. Whether we should or shouldn’t is another matter but we do. reading the right first impression on business social media is critical to being noticed and to standing out. Read More

Brainwave Strictly Summer – launch at the Mere
Event photography at the Mere in Cheshire

Brainwave Strictly 2018 competitors;
Back row: Yvonne Dixon, Damien Kinney, Gary Jackson, Phil Reeves
Middle row: Bev Uddin Khandakar, Kimberley Avery, Seema Malhotra, Sarah Byrne
Front row: Fernando, Claire Hair & Carter, Andrew Hutchinson

At the beginning of February I went down to the Mere Resort near Knutsford to photograph the Launch of the Brainwave Trust’s Strictly Summer Dance event. The competition and dinner will be be held at the Mere on June 30th this year.

Brainwave is a charity that helps children with disabilities and additional needs to achieve greater independence by aiming to improve mobility, communication skills and learning potential through a range of educational and physical therapies.Read More