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This is where you can see examples of our recent and not so recent projects.
Adele & Sean's Wedding at Worsley Court House

Adele & Sean’s wedding was a fabulous day, the venue was Worsley Court House near Manchester and everyone had a marvellous time. It was also a special day for Andrew Collier Photography because when we started our photography business Adele, Sean & Aaron were willing models for our first portfolio shoots. So, we were over the moon when they announced their plans to get married and asked us to cover the wedding for them.

The ceremony and reception were both held at Worsley Court House, which made a lovely backdrop for their wedding photography. The bus stop image is quite quirky but I think it looks great, it was one of those chance moments where you think ‘ah come on, this will look ace’ and it does! They decided to choose a Queensberry album and bus stop picture is the closing shot in the album. It also takes pride of place in a statement frame on their living room wall; a daily reminder of a very special day and of their love for each other.

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In early 2010 I met Jess. Jess works for a digital marketing agency in Manchester, but I had also learned that she was a singer in a band. Whilst she’d seen loads of my photos before I suggested that we do the 121 in Castlefield, Manchester, and I would bring my camera. So we set a date for the middle of June. That week I also had a young man called Jake doing work experience with me and I wanted him to take part in a couple of shoots with me. This was one of them.

We based ourselves at my friend Ian’s apartment, which has fantastic natural light and is right in the middle of Castlefield. Ian’s such a star and helps us out loads. Here is a small selection of pictures from the day.

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In late April last year we were choosing images to display in the gallery and I wanted a large statement canvas.  The canvas had to be 40″x30″ to fit the wall plan properly and nothing else would do. I’d shot a beautiful image the previous autumn and really wanted to use it but the shape wasn’t right for what I wanted.

So, my retoucher Ann Mulqueeny came to the rescue and suggested doing a shoot with her son. But with only ten days to go until the gallery opened, we had to move quickly. We did the shoot on the Friday teatime and the picture had to be at the lab by Monday morning if we were to stand any chance of getting the picture back in time for the gallery opening.  We chose the one we wanted and then Ann set to work extending the background and the top so the image would wrap properly around the frame of the canvas.  Images presented on  canvas will only work if the image easily wraps around the sides of the frame without detracting from the subject or losing the atmosphere of the image. The finished canvas hangs in the gallery and looks abosolutely beautiful.

Here’s a selection of the other images from the shoot. What do you think?

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Blacon High School Fashion Comp

Last summmer our friends at Wirral Holistic Care asked us to do a fashion shoot for Blacon High School in Chester. Their GCSE Textiles Group had been making prom dresses for their GCSE projects and the best two were chosen for the fashion shoot. The winners modelled their own dresses and we headed off to Chester’s city walls to do the shoot. It was the same week that Jake had joined us for work experience from Culcheth High School.

I wanted to make sure that Jake experienced as much of what we do as possible and he assisted on a couple of shoots, tried his hand at choosing and editing pictures and working with Photoshop.

Here’s a selection of pictures from the Blacon shoot.

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The Libbey Family

Back in February 2009 Josie and I went round to the Libbey’s house in Leigh to do some family portraits. Anyone who knows me and my style of photography knows I hate using flash and I’ll do almost anything to shoot in natural light. At the end of January we did a shoot for some friends of Libbey and Sue who lived next door and we had really good weather, cold and bright. When we arrived at the Libbey’s house the skies were like lead and it was really dark but we pressed on and I turned the ISO up as far as I dared. We had a great time with the Libbeys and they were really great to work with, so we got some really good shots and they now have a trio of huge box frames on their lounge wall.

The photos are beautiful and here’s a small selection for everyone to see.

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Sally & Lucy's Portrait Session

Back to Cumbria again, it’s such a great area to do lifestyle family portraits! This time we did a short portrait session for mother and daughter, Sally & Lucy. Here are a few images from the day. If one of the pictures looks familiar it’s because I liked it so much that I’ve used it in the blog’s title bar.

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Laura & Brad's Lifestyle Portrait Shoot

In June we went to Heaves Hall near Kendal in Cumbria to do Laura and Brad’s portraits. As you can see, the location was perfect for creating beautiful photos of them in a relaxed, organic setting.

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