Brand photography for Cheshire Charity Creating Adventures

Brand Photography – something different in lockdown.

Like thousands of other photographers, I haven’t been able to photograph family portraits, weddings or family events during the lockdowns over the last year. Apart from the lack of income, it’s really frustrating not to be able to do the things that you love doing most of all. Photography is more of a way of life for me than a job.

So, when Jenny Allcock, the founder of local charity Creating Adventures asked me to help them with some brand photography I was delighted to be able to do it. After all I had plenty of time to spare and it sounded like a fun and interesting project. I’ve know Jenny for years and we met when she worked at The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust and I photographed her wedding to Stuart on a very wet December day in Grasmere in 2015.

The young people whom Creating Adventures supports had decorated 12 inch high letters as an art project during lockdown. The letters spelt out ‘Creating Adventures’ and Jenny wanted to use the letters as a branding device. We also had the chance to make other words which are at the core of the charity’s mission. Words like adventure, true, dance, art, care, love, sing and so on.

Brand photography for Cheshire Charity Creating Adventures

I managed to secure the use of Lymm Village Hall which was closed to events but our needs fitted in with the Covid guidelines. This gave us plenty of space to set up a big background and set up the letters as we wanted to. Lighting them was another challenge. I knew how I wanted to light the words and it took a bit of experimenting to get the lighting right. We needed the shadows to give the letters more depth. So, we set the letters up with each word forming its own row so they would show the words in two lines with the emphasis on Adventures. Being further back it looked like Creating was in smaller letters.

Creating Adventures is a registered charity based in Warrington, set up to bring enrichment into the lives of adults with Autism and additional needs. When children with Autism and additional needs reach the age of 18, many of the activities and support they accessed as children stops because society has deemed them an adult. However for many adults with additional needs, this support and these activities need to continue in order to support their well-being.

Creating Adventures aims to not only provide these activities but also to help adults with additional needs to find their inner talent, help them to shine and provide them with opportunities to feel happy with a sense of personal fulfilment. We do this currently through our Beautiful Noise choir, Art Club, Cookery and chocolate making project, sports and well-being festival, Zumba classes and Christmas party.

The letters were lovingly decorated by our members as part of our lockdown activities and are going to be used to support a number of our fundraising activities including raising funds to help us get our own centre – a place of our own to run our activities and welcome our members, a home for Creating Adventures. The whole point of this brand photography shoot was to capture not only the name or the letters but the creativity of the members which is why the white background was important. The shadows reinforce the three dimensional aspect of the letters and represent the reality of the

I’ve included a few ‘behind the scenes’ photos in this post which gives you an idea of how we set up the shoot and how the final words looked after editing and retouching to remove lighting stands, extend backgrounds and change some letters we didn’t have so we could make words like noise and love.

If you have a branding project that you’d like photographing please call 01925 471091 or message us through our contact page.