Our campaign to equip Britain’s business people with fabulous business portraits is really gaining momentum now, with January’s session being over subscribed and February’s session booking up very quickly.

I thought it’d be good to do a post about the day itself, reflecting on how the day unfolded and people’s reactions to their pictures when they saw them.

Not surprisingly, most people don’t want their pictures taking. Most of us are a bit camera shy or think we’re not photogenic. Sometimes I wonder if we’ve been conditioned to think we’re not worthy, that we don’t deserve fabulous photograph of ourselves, as if fabulous photos are only for the rich and famous.

People are surprised when they find out that I don’t have a studio with loads of lights because that’s what they expect, because that how portraits are normally done right. Well, not by me. Natural light and real backgrounds are so much better – more flattering, less intimidating and so much easier for getting the subject relaxed in front of the camera.

Trish Peters was our first client of the day. Trish is well known amongst the Warrington business community for her networking events so I knew her business portraits would be seen by many people across the NorthWest. I think it was fair to say she was worried about being photographed. Once we’d got her settled down and she had a coffee whilst Josie did her makeup, Trish became more relaxed. We then set off around the hotel, looking for interesting backgrounds and soft flattering light, which was a challenge as the weather was terrible – cold, overcast and drizzling.

Trish was surprised by the my approach and really enjoyed the session. If people have fun then they get better pictures. When Trish saw the pictures she loved them all and found it hard to choose her favourites. That’s what I call a result!

Getting people relaxed in front of the camera is the key to getting flattering natural portraits. Some photographers aim for technical perfection. Technical perfection doesn’t interest me – showing a person’s fabulous side is my only goal. If I can help someone’s self esteem by showing them and the world how fabulous they look then I’ve done my job.

A business portrait that creates the perfect first impression is the first step to winning business and building strong business relationships. Here’s a selection form the day.

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