Andrew is an excellent photographer, not just the quality of his photography but in how he made us all feel relaxed and captured the real ‘us’. He has for the first time given Calibre a face we can be proud of.
Paul Cliffe, Calibre Control International

I’m constantly surprised by the number of professionals and people in business who dont realise how important a professional business portrait is to their personal brand.

A business psychologist recently told me that when we decide who to do business with, 80% of that decision is emotional and is largely based on how we relate to that person. Do we like them? Are they friendly, warm, professional, honest, and so on. But a large part of the decision is based on how we see them. Projecting the right personal image is critical. How we’re turned out, how we dress, how we appear in our photographs all make a big contribution to ‘being chosen’ by our customers.

Paul Cliffe at Calibre Control International recognised how important business portraits were for Calibre. Not only for those who visit customers but also for the internal team who’s only contact with clients is by phone or email. Paul is a member of our networking group, BNI Focus and he asked me to take business portraits of all of the Calibre team, fifteen people in total. We discussed the options and agreed that ‘studio’ style portraits would be boring so we went for a more relaxed approach that would let each person’s character and personality shine through.

Here’s a selection from the day. If you like what you see and you can relate to where I’m coming from about business portraits, you might like to have a new business portrait yourself. Please click here for more information about our business portrait sessions.


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