Headshot of Cheshire based Virtual Assistant
Many people have heard my mantra about business portraits or corporate head shots as they are sometimes known. If you haven’t, it’s this; “The face you present to the world says everything about you and your business”

Most of us, whether we realise it or not, make an instant judgement about what we see when we see a photo or when we meet people. Whether we should or shouldn’t is another matter but we do. reading the right first impression on business social media is critical to being noticed and to standing out.

The way a profile is written and the type of photograph used needs careful consideration and should be done with professional help. Using selfies is not a good idea and neither are holiday snaps.

I met Naomi Marriott whose business is called VA Hero at Chester Breakfast Club, run by Judith Kenyon at JayKay Events, last year and we talked about headshots. It was a challenging conversation because Naomi hated being photographed. That’s not unusual as most people don’t like being photographed and many don’t like seeing themselves in photographs. However, for some people, being photographed can be traumatic.

Naomi loves her new business portraits and was willing to let me share her thoughts in this blog post. This is what she had to say:

I hate having my photograph taken in any situation, so initially I was very worried about having a professional photo session. I had met Andrew a couple of times and knew that he was the man to do it. He was very professional but relaxed and showed empathy towards my nerves. As he has many years’ experience in professional portraits I followed his suggestions about clothing and locations. During the session I didn’t feel rushed at all and he gave me clear direction as to what I needed to do, so I didn’t feel awkward, after the first few pictures. By the end of it I actually started to enjoy myself and that’s when Andrew took advantage and has taken some amazing shots!

I can’t recommend Andrew enough. I know that if I ever need new photographs or have any special occasions he is the man I will be calling. Worth every penny for amazing shots.

A slightly more serious look for Naomi's business portrait

Cropped business portrait taken in Chester for Naomi's Linked In Profile

Casual and relaxed business portrait of Naomi taken in Chester