Jessica's prom dress

High school proms are amazing events, filled with so much joy and expectation. And the two big questions are what to wear and how to get there, everything else seems less important. The school prom is probably one of the first opportunities for young people to be celebrities for a night!

In the summer of 2010 I was asked to do a prom dress shoot for Jessica just before she set off for her high school prom. It was the first prom dress photography shoot that I’d done so I was really looking forward to it. We only had ten minutes to take the photographs. Jessica looked truly fantastic and her dress was amazing.

Here’s a small selection from the session.

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Julie Evans and the Chiawa Trust

We met Julie Evans a few of years ago. She’s a friend of Josie’s sister and is a trustee of The Chiawa Trust, which raises money to raise education standards and promote sustainable economic growth in the Chiawa region of Zambia. We’ve donated a few portrait sessions to help with fund raising and Julie’s husband bought one of the sessions so he could have some really nice pictures of Julie. We did the session and The Great John Street Hotel in Manchester, using the roof terrace and one of the suites. Here’s a selection from the day.

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Julie and North West Cancer Research Fund

Anne Jackson, the chief executive of North West Cancer Research and a good friend of ours, organised a competition with Warrington Guardian last summer. Readers were asked to nominate someone they knew who had been affected by cancer but was living a full and active life and wasn’t letting the disease defeat them.

The winner was Julie Atherton, one of the bravest and most determined people I have ever met. Anne asked us to donate an urban fashion shoot and persuaded the Hope Street Hotel in Liverpool, a fabulous and really cool boutique hotel in Liverpool to let Julie and her partner Dave have the penthouse suite for the shoot and an overnight stay. But the prize didn’t stop there, it also included dinner at a fabulous restaurant, champagne, cup cakes…

I met Julie with Anne for a chat about the shoot a few weeks before the big day. Julie’s gorgeous and loads of fun so I knew the shoot was going to be special. She’s so positive and inspiring, which is even more amazing when you realise how much she’s been through.

Here’s a small selection from the day. The hero shot has to be one by the street sign for Hope Place.

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Tatton Wedding Show – Drop Weight

For the bride to be there is nothing more important than being able to look fabulous on her wedding day, and being happy with her size is a major part of feeling good about herself. Being able to lose a few pounds or more is difficult for many people and even more difficult to maintain. The weight loss programme guarantees weight loss within a certain time frame and its success gives people confidence to reach their goals.

Paul Bratby and his team at Drop Weight were exhibiting at the Tatton Wedding Fayre to promote their guaranteed weight loss programme. From my work with Drop Weight over recent months I now know a few people who have tried the programme and been surprised and delighted with their results. One very close friend started the Drop Weight programme before Christmas and lost the stone she wanted to lose in just over four weeks!

I went to Tatton Wedding Fayre on January 31st to do a shoot for Drop Weight. The actress Rebecca Ruane had successfully done the programme, losing two stone in just eleven weeks and had agreed to model a wedding dress for Drop Weight throughout the show.

Catherine Bobby did Rebecca’s makeup for the shoot and assisted me during the shoot. Her work is terrific and, as you can see from the pictures, Rebecca looks absolutely gorgeous!!!

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Didsbury Magazine & Drop Weight

Last October Paul Bratby at Drop Weight asked us to do a shoot for one of their clients, Beverley;  she’s the editor of Didsbury Magazine and had done Drop Weight’s slimming programme. Beverley was doing an article about the programme in her magazine and Paul wanted some really good pictures of her so everyone could see what she had achieved and how fabulous she looked.

We did the shoot on a dark and wet December morning. Now, I only shoot portraits in natural light and on location, and I thought we might be pushing our luck a bit this time. But Beverley looks fantastic and really radiant in her photos! Natural light rocks!!!

You can download a PDF of her story here:

Visit Didsbury Magazine’s website:

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In early 2010 I met Jess. Jess works for a digital marketing agency in Manchester, but I had also learned that she was a singer in a band. Whilst she’d seen loads of my photos before I suggested that we do the 121 in Castlefield, Manchester, and I would bring my camera. So we set a date for the middle of June. That week I also had a young man called Jake doing work experience with me and I wanted him to take part in a couple of shoots with me. This was one of them.

We based ourselves at my friend Ian’s apartment, which has fantastic natural light and is right in the middle of Castlefield. Ian’s such a star and helps us out loads. Here is a small selection of pictures from the day.

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Blacon High School Fashion Comp

Last summmer our friends at Wirral Holistic Care asked us to do a fashion shoot for Blacon High School in Chester. Their GCSE Textiles Group had been making prom dresses for their GCSE projects and the best two were chosen for the fashion shoot. The winners modelled their own dresses and we headed off to Chester’s city walls to do the shoot. It was the same week that Jake had joined us for work experience from Culcheth High School.

I wanted to make sure that Jake experienced as much of what we do as possible and he assisted on a couple of shoots, tried his hand at choosing and editing pictures and working with Photoshop.

Here’s a selection of pictures from the Blacon shoot.

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