Why the half built house?

When Roger and Sally and their daughters decided to have a family portrait we were originally thinking about going to somewhere like Delamere Forest. Then we got talking about their new house which was being built near Tarporley in Cheshire and decided it would be fun to use that as the location and backdrop to their photos. It gave us unique opportunities for settings that would not be repeated and actually couldn’t be once their new home was finished.

So, one Sunday morning in the summer 2020, not long after hairdressers were allowed to reopen, I went to see them at their new home near Tarporley. I’ve shot in many novel locations over the last eleven years and this was certainly one of them.

The build wasn’t far off finished but there was still a fair bit of internal work and landscaping to do. The front of the house wasn’t finished but it had an interesting feel to it. It also had those wonderful pillars which proved to be ideal. There were also loads of other locations to use for individual portraits, portraits of mum and dad, and of their daughters.

How we displayed this photograph

The most important things about displaying photographs is deciding on:

  • The overall size of the finished picture
  • Where the picture is going to be hung
  • The style of frame and style and size of mount
  • Choice of glass and of print media


The overall size is really important. The picture needs to fit in its space. Too small and it will look lost, too big and it looks cramped. Also consider the position of the picture and where it will hang. Is there enough natural light or do you need extra illumination?


Is the position away from direct sunlight? If any picture is subjected to direct sunlight it will fade and all the reds, oranges, browns and yellows will be bleached away over time and the you’ll be left with a pale, faded, blueish sad looking mess.

Frame and glass

The frame needs to complement the the decor in the room and the picture. Light wood frames may look great with your furniture and decor but rarely work with black and white photographs. The way a photo is mounted can make all the difference to its visual impact. Cheap, thin, single thickness card mounts aren’t great so the choice and design of the mount is really important. There are so many amazing ways of mounting a photograph. We design the mount for every picture so it shows off the picture to its absolute best.

Glass and print media

Glass should at least be white. Cheaper glass for framing has a green caste which can be seen on the cut edge. For most frames water white glass is fine but for locations where there are lots of reflections an Art Glass such as Truvue may be needed. This cuts reflections and glare massively but this comes at a price. Art glass costs around ten times more than standard white glass on large frames this can significantly increase the cost of the finished frame but can make such a huge difference to the way the finished framed photograph looks.

Get in touch

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