I’ve been photographing families for many many years. Thank goodness the very old fashioned notion of simply lining up family members to say ‘cheese’ is long gone. It’s not just about capturing faces, it’s about capturing fun, personalities and making lasting memories.

In years to come, this family will be saying, “Do you remember that day when we explored our favourite places?” No family has ever said, “Do you remember when we got in a line and had our photograph taken?”

Cheshire portrait photographer: have camera will travel

Even though I’m a portrait photographer in Cheshire I do travel to where my clients are. Within reason of course! Anglesey, a beautiful island off the west coast of Wales, is known for its stunning outdoor scenery. This gave plenty of scope to capture unique images.

This particular family consists of younger children and a dog. Perfect. When children are in fun surroundings with the people they love and trust the most their personalities shine brightly. Plus, there’s the added excitement of dressing up and having their photographs taken which brings out their characters even further.

 Photographs to last a lifetime

To give the family a great choice of images I staged some shots but looked out for those precious once-in-a-lifetime moments too. These are the ones that exemplify our unique traits and characters perfectly.

As you can see the children are … well … behaving like children, they’re playing, laughing and having fun. The delighted look on their faces cannot be forced, their expressions must be natural for their true selves to be preserved in a photograph forever.

Working with animals and children

 I get why some photographers may shy away from the unpredictable nature of working with children and animals. But it’s their very unpredictable nature that makes photographing them even more enjoyable.

As a dad and a lover of dogs myself, I totally understand that what I may see as impulsive, could actually be the very quirky thing that the family love!

Outside photography

Like I said before I’ve been a family portrait photographer for a long time and know how to make the best use of light and cloud to showcase colours and bring depth to an outdoor shoot.

We were lucky on this day, the weather was gorgeous. Every season presents lots of wonderful photo opportunities.

In this case, the children were running around, this is what they do naturally and exactly what I expected. This really enabled me to take photographs that tell stories too.

Thinking of having a family portrait?

It saddens me when I hear people say that they have no reason to have a family portrait. Some say that they are waiting for that special moment. Simply being with family is special.

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