Sunrise over Thelwall Viaduct as mist hangs over teh Manchester Ship Canal, Warrington, Cheshire

During lockdown we started to explore parts of Lymm village, where we live near Warrington in Cheshire. We chose places that we hoped would be quiet and away from too many people. We found a footpath that’s well used but on the few occasions we’ve walked it we’ve only seen one or two people walking their dogs or riding their bikes. The path follows Manchester Ship Canal under Thelwall Viaduct. Ive been going over the viaduct all my life but I’d never walked under it.

Sunset over Thelwall viaduct

It’s also the view from our bedroom window and looks very impressive with early morning mist hanging in the valley and the sun on it. It’s also a great backdrop for a sunset but difficult to capture from home. I’ve taken a section of photos of and added them to my blog.

North and south bound bridges. Thelwall Viaduct, Warrington, Cheshire

Thelwall Viaduct is one of the most important bridges on the motorway network and is vital to the nation. It’s not pretty at all but is a great example of brutal functionality. These photos were taken with different lenses. Some with a 200mm telephoto which gives a lovely compressed effect whilst others were taken with a 17mm very wide angle lens which gives an entirely different perspective.

North and south bound bridges. Thelwall Viaduct, Warrington, Cheshire