Andrew Collier Photography is much more than just me. You could say I’m just the guy with the cameras, and you’d be right. I have a fantastic team helping me deliver the best possible portrait and wedding photography we can.

Josie– Josie’s my wife and best friend. She also does our social media and helps with networking and all sorts of stuff that makes our little business tick along smoothly.

Christa– Christa’s our daughter and is a freelance photographer. She photographs weddings with me.

Ewan– Ewan’s our son and he looks after our social media.

Jude– Jude is my PA and runs our diaries and bookings, making sure that I am in the right place at the right time. Jill also organises our presentations and events.

Jill– Jill looks after the accounts and bookkeeping. Sounds easy but creative types are not the best when it comes to admin but she keeps us on the straight and narrow.