Things you might like to know…

People often ask me about how we work and what we do, about how our sessions work, about images on disc, about just buying prints, about makeup and what to wear at a session, about how long it takes for albums and framed pictures to be made. So, I’ve made a list of things we regularly get asked about.



I’ve put this first as it’s the most often asked and is widely misunderstood. We own the copyright in all of the images we’ve taken and the albums we’ve designed. All of our work (and that of other photographers too) is protected under copyright law. If you commission a photographer to do your portraits or wedding photography you don’t automatically get the copyright or the rights to have all of the images taken in the session. We never assign the copyright for any of my work. In certain situations, such as business portraits or commercial work I will provide a reproduction licence so that my images can be used for the purpose they were intended.


How long does it take to get our framed pictures and albums?

Edited images from the wedding or portrait session are usually ready for viewing about two weeks after the shoot. We usually arrange a convenient date for a viewing session before the shoot. Once you’ve chosen your pictures, framed photographs take around three weeks to be produced, whilst albums usually take about six to eight weeks. As we design and make everything to order it takes a little longer than off the shelf products but the difference makes the wait worthwhile.


What should we wear for our portrait session?

It really depends on the style of pictures that you want to have. We always recommend having a preshoot consultation with you a few weeks before your portrait session so we can talk about what you want in detail and how we’ll do your shoot, talk about clothes, hair and makeup for your shoot. Having the consultation a few weeks give you plenty time to arrange a trip to the hairdressers, maybe arrange for a manicure or go shopping for a new outfit (or two) if you want to. We’ll advise on what everyone should wear at the shoot and what works well in photographs and what doesn’t. Dont panic though, you wont need to rush out and spend a fortune on new clothes (but you can use us as an excuse if you want to – our lips are sealed!)


Does the session price include all of the photographs on disc?

No, it doesn’t. After each shoot we choose the best images to show you. You can then decide on the ones you want to have framed or put in an album or photo book. If we’re doing a lifestyle, pet or equine portrait session, or a family celebration, quoted session prices are for coverage time only and the photographs are not included in the price. We only supply finished images in frames and or albums or coffee table books as we want to be sure that my images are displayed in the best possible way. However, where clients have bought a couple of framed pictures or a feature album, we will provide a small selection of images formatted for Facebook so that clients can show some pictures from the session to friends and family.

With wedding clients it’s slightly different in that we can supply a disk containing the images chosen for the wedding album as part of our wedding service. The price of the disk is included in the chosen wedding collection.

If it’s a commercial portrait commission then the client would need the images on disk to be able to supply them to magazines, for use in brochures and on their company website and so on. Use of the images is agreed when the project is being priced.


Can I just buy the prints and get them framed myself?

We don’t do ‘prints only’ commissions for lifestyle portraits or weddings. We can provide a ‘prints’ service for wedding clients who have ordered an album and want to be able to offer prints to their wedding guests. We want to be sure that our images are displayed in the best possible way and are produced to the highest quality standards possible. The only way we can do this is by controlling the design and production process and by working with very carefully selected suppliers.