Northwich in Cheshire is one of the most popular places for me to go to take family portrait photos. I’m lucky that I’ve been chosen by so many families and pet owners to take their portrait photographs. This session from March 2019 was taken as part of a practice session for a wedding at Blakemere Village just outside Northwich. It’s a brilliant outdoor wedding venue but it’s also a great place to for a woodland family portrait session in Spring and Autumn. I don’t like doing family portraits in deciduous woodland in the summer months as there’s often too much leaf cover. In bright sunlight that gives a nasty green caste to the photos. When it’s a cloudy day it can be too dark to get decent photos. Either way, the light is usually bad. In spring and autumn the light and colours can be awesome.

This was a lovely session. Two little brothers, their mum and dad, grandparents and a favourite uncle. Somehow Nana and Granddad managed to dodge the photos they were around to help out. I’m not keen on posed photographs although they have their place and a purpose. I always have a goal but I never have a strict plan. It’s better to take things slowly, make it into a giant game and let things unfold. By creating the right conditions, I create the photo opportunities I need so that I can capture the photographs I want. This is how you capture those natural looks, the candid smiles, the interaction as young children play together.

The whole point of this style of family photography is that the photos tell a story about the people in them. It’s not just a photo of a person, it’s a story about a person. Imagine when these children are grandparents and their grandchildren are looking at them, or even their great grandchildren. These photos form a part of the story of their lives which makes them more important than we might initially think.

Here is a small selection from the session. If you like what you’ve seen here and you’d like this style of family portrait please call us on 01925 471091 or message us through our contact page.

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Northwich portrait photography

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Northwich family photography