I was born in 1962, in Wigan, Lancashire, but my family is from Leigh in Lancashire and in my early years we lived in the hamlet of Kenyon (now Croft) between Leigh and Warrington. Being the youngest of three children (by 15 years) I had lots of attention from my older brother and sister and my brother gave me my first camera! I went away to school, firstly in Anglesey and then in Shropshire, where my interest in photography grew and I wanted to be a fashion photographer, but the careers teacher didn’t think it was a proper job. I started work as a junior in a Manchester design and advertising agency and stayed in that industry for 24 years.

However, things have a habit of working out and by chance I started taking pictures for my clients.  This led to me training as a portrait photographer, with weddings following.  The result – my teenage ambition was about to be realised and Andrew Collier Photography was born!

I still can’t believe it, after a bit of a delay I’m doing the one thing I always wanted to do.  My careers teacher was wrong – it is a proper job.  Making everyday people look fantastic is the best job in the world and I’m doing it!