Anglesey is one of my favourite places to work

As a dog and family portrait photographer based in Cheshire with clients all over North Wales I must admit that I love a day (or a few days) out photographing in Anglesey. I met this lovely little Jack Russell during a family portrait session near Llangefni in Summer 2019.

Close up headshot portrait of a Jack Russell in Anglesey, North Wales

Framed dog portrait of Jack Russell in natural wood frame
Example of a bespoke framed photograph

I’d gone down the lane to take some photos of the children towards me and when we’d finished the little dog jumped on the wall and stood there watching what was going on and keeping guard as dogs do. She was there for ages and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to take her photographs. She wasn’t keen on looking into the lens, preferring to remain slightly aloof, keeping herself to herself. Standing atop a four feet high wall gave her a certain stature and it made a perfect platform for me.

I’ve always thought that you need to be at eye level to take a good pet portrait and with very small dogs that usually means lying down on the ground. Having the subject at eye level without bending was really handy and allowed me to get a bit lower than the dog which added to the magic of the photographs.

Displaying your photographs

One thing I’m known for is the way I help clients choose the right frame mouldings and mounts for their photographs and how I design the frames to fit in the best places in their homes. OK, so you can get cheap frames from IKEA or from one of the many online traders out there but there is nothing like designing the frame for a photograph and then seeing the finished item hanging in pride of place in someone’s home. Every element is considered; the type of paper the photograph will be printed on, the style and size of the moulding and the mount. Will we have an over mount? Should we use spacers to create a 3D effect? What about an undermount so the photograph looks like it’s floating? And then there’s the glass. All of these details are as carefully considered as a hand-tailored Savile Row suit.

What about a session for your dog

What if you have more than one dog? That’s great. Whether you have one dog or several, pet portraits are always a pleasure to photograph. They’re challenging, they can be hard work, they can be a bit messy but they’re always fun and the finished photographs are gorgeous and unique. If you’d love the idea of having amazing dog portraits as unique wall art in your home please call me on 01925 471091 or drop me a quick message.