Bring your home to life with stunning, unique wall art

Bespoke framed pictures, canvasses, acrylics and albums

Beautiful photographs deserve the best, most beautiful presentation and that’s why we only produce bespoke, customer made framed portraits and albums. Not only does this protect your investment but also makes amazing wall art and heritage albums you’ll want to pass on to future generations.

Designed for your home, made just for you

Every home is different, every person has their own style. Our portraits reflect your style and so does our frame design service. Unlike many photographers, we hold our viewings at your home and your framed portraits are made to measure just for you. Our bespoke frames start at just £185 for a small single frame and to over £3000 for large portrait collections.

Traditional, contemporary, restrained, bling

We’re all different and have different tastes. Our job is to reflect that in our clients’ portraits and the way they are framed. We have over two hundred different frames in our main collection. But we have access to thousands more through our amazing framing suppliers. Specialist and unusual frames can be sourced at a small extra charge.

What about all the lovely photos we can’t frame?

That’s where our stunning albums from Queensberry come in. Originally considered a wedding album product, Queensberry’s heritage albums are just stunning. The quality and craftsmanship are in leagues of their own yet their prices are very reasonable. Please ask to see samples. When you feel the quality you’ll know why we love them so much. These gorgeous albums are perfect for a collection of a dozen or even 100 of your favourite photographs from your session.

Hanging service too!

Most people dread hanging pictures, especially when it’s a collection of frames which need to be hung in a very precise pattern. We offer a picture hanging service with all our bespoke glazed framed portraits, canvasses, acrylics and aluminium wall art products. Please ask for details.