Family portraits at the beach are so much fun. Imagine the sand in your toes, a sea breeze, the sound of the ocean. I think they are more fun than any other type of portrait. I don’t think you can do formal on the beach or running along the water’s edge.

a framed collection of family portrait photography on the beach at Thurstaston, Wirral

In May we went over to Thurstason Beach on Wirral, Merseyside to do a family portrait session with a mum and dad, and their two young sons. They were very excited to be there and couldn’t wait to be splashing stones into the water, even though it was low tide!

I think it’s the sense of freedom of being on the beach. There are no fences, no barriers. You can run free! You can explore, or you can just lie back in the sand or a deck chair and take in the view, watch the world go by or just chill out. For a photographer it’s a massive opportunity to create a lot of stunning pictures. They make great wall art as we all love to be reminded of summer and a day out at the beach just sums a perfect summer’s day.

Displaying your photos

The bespoke framed photo at the top of this post is a great example of a medium sized piece of wall art. It’s 20″ wide and depending on the choice of frame, mount and glass would cost around £495.

Below is another framed example. This time it’s a collection of photographs in a bespoke made frame. Some photographers don’t like offering these as they believe they can sell the photos as individual frames for much more money. Whilst that’s true I love them because it’s a lovely way of telling the story of a wonderful day out. This frame is 24″ square and depending on the choice of frame, mount and glass would cost around £695.

Bespoke framed family portraits on Wirral, Merseyside

A little bit about the Canon EOS R6

I used this shoot as an opportunity to test out Canon’s new mirrorless camera, the EOS R6. I’d recently received it and I wanted to try out the highly acclaimed autofocus tracking feature, which turned out to be amazing. It has eye detect so you can lock on to the subject’s eye and as they more about the autofocus follows them. That, coupled with excellent dynamic range and Canon’s renowned colour science make it a phenomenal camera to work with. I love photographing moving subjects as they make amazing action portraits and stunning wall art but it can be a bit hit and miss, literally.

A camera that delivers real business benefits
The R6 has significantly improved the percentage of correctly focussed photos. You could say that it takes the skill out of photography and whilst that’s a fair point I would disagree. It makes part of the job easier because you have more infocus shots to choose from but it also means you can push things a bit harder and try new things you wouldn’t bother with before. When you make your living from the pictures you take you have to be certain of getting it right often enough to earn that living.

Wouldn’t you love portraits like these?

You can find out more about our relaxed lifestyle family portraits here. If you like these pictures and would like the idea of doing family portraits at the beach, please call us on 01925 471091 or book a chat on Zoom.