A beach portrait of a little girl at West Kirby beach, Wirral, UK

West Kirby has a brilliant beach

When summer comes it’s time to head off to the beach and that means it’s time for beach portraits. West Kirby is one of my favourite beaches in the North West. Family portraits on the beach are special and huge fun. Beach portraits are an opportunity to do something different and are brilliant for kids and parents too! There’s always a sense of freedom and fun when you go to the beach. That feeing of space, room to fly a kite, run about as much as you like, build sand castles…

A beach portrait of a little girl at a beach, Wirral, UK
For many of us living in the Northwest of England, particularly in Cheshire, Manchester and Merseyside, the beaches of Wirral, Crosby and Formby are our nearest. For Lee and his family, West Kirby was convenient and a great choice. West Kirby is the north west tip of the Wirral peninsula. It looks across at the North Wales coast and out into Liverpool Bay.

A beach portrait of a little girl at the beach, Wirral, UK

Soon after we arrived the clouds lifted, the sun came out and that warmth of summer felt good on our faces. It was time to kick off our shoes and get the sand in between our toes. The tide was out so we had beach as far as you could see and in the distance many people had taken the opportunity of the low tide and fine weather to walk across to the nature reserve at Hilbre Island just off the Wirral coast.

People were walking their dogs, exercising their horses and generally having fun in the sun. I think other people’s happiness rubs off on us and I certainly felt really happy doing something I love more than anything. Portrait photography is my thing. My clients were happy because we were having a day out and capturing memories of their daughter.

A photograph of a little girl playing with a kite ribbon at West Kirby beach, Wirral, UK

When you’re only two a trip to beach is big adventure and can be a bit overwhelming so we took things slowly. Dad put up the wind break and we made our little camp. Mum got out some of her daughter’s beach toys and we let her just settle in to the surroundings. We did a few family group portraits to start with. These are important for a few reasons.

Why family group portraits are important

Firstly it’s a memory of mum, dad and child or children together. Nearly every family has them and most of us have old prints, sometimes framed, sometimes of loose prints. It’s fun looking back at pictures of our grandparents with our parents when they were children. This is why the family group portrait is so important. In fifty or sixty years time the children may be grandparents themselves. They’ll be able to show their grandchildren those special portraits of the generations who’ve gone before. Everyone laughs at the fashions but they bring back fond memories and stories from the grandparents’ childhoods. Funny things like donkey rides, and the car breaking on its first long journey of the year, which to happen to all of us.

Portrait photograph of young girl running on the sands at West Kirby, Wirral, UK.

Then, once everyone is comfortable and got to know me a little more the kids are more relaxed and just want to run about and play. Ands this is where the real magic happens. This is where I can capture the seemingly spontaneous, natural portraits. When the kids are engrossed in what they’re doing. Working with telephoto lenses and fast reacting cameras I can get further back from them and just watching what they do and discreetly take their portrait photos. We set up little games which I know will create the situations where I’ll get great photo opportunities.

Portrait photograph of young girl running on the sands on the beach, Wirral, UK.

By the time we’ve finished the shoot I know we’ll have enough amazing photographs to create some beautiful and uniquely personal wall art and maybe even an album.

Portrait photograph of mother and daughter playing on the beach at West Kirby, Wirral, UK.

Wouldn’t you love portraits like these?

You can find out more about our relaxed lifestyle family portraits here. If you like these pictures and would like the idea of doing family portraits at the beach, please call us on 01925 471091 or book a chat on Zoom.

Family portrait photograph at the beach, Wirral, UK