Bespoke framed lifestyle family portrait

In mid March the daffodils were well established and the bluebells were out too. I went over to little Bollington, between Altrincham and Lymm to do a lovely family portrait photography session for a mum and dad with two young children.

March is quite early for lifestyle family portrait photography as the weather can be quite unsettled and we’d rescheduled once because of heavy rain.

So, what’s a lifestyle family portrait and why is it different to a studio portrait? It’s all about real locations and natural light and natural, relaxed set ups. Using natural light means that people can move about much more and we can create so many different looks using many different backdrops or settings in a very short amount of time

Studio portraits require artificial light which is hard to move about and fixed backdrops. Whilst beautifully lit studio portraits can look amazing, if can be a difficult environment for a young family to relax in. Lifestyle sessions are fast moving and keep everyone interested, which makes for better photographs.

The ‘natural’ look of lifestyle family portrait photography is as popular as ever.

Here’s a selection of photographs from the session and some brilliant behind the scenes photos taken by mum and dad. I’ve shown two of them as bespoke framed photographs. They look so different as framed photographs when compared to flat photos shown on a web page.

If you’d like a lifestyle family portrait please call us on 01925 471091 or message us through our contact page.

Bespoke framed black and white family portrait

Lifestyle portrait photography Knutsford

Black and white family portrait

Family portraits in Lymm, Cheshire

Children's portrait photography Warrington

Family portraits in the Cheshire countryside