I took these photographs at a lifestyle family portrait session last Summer in Altrincham. Many of our family portrait photography sessions are booked by grandparents. They love to have family portraits as reminders of their family around them.

Everyone in this family lived locally but we regularly do family portrait photographs for families who are spread across the world and only come together as a group every few years. These sessions are particularly important as there is no telling when the opportunity will arise again.

Three generations of one family

Photographing three generations of a family together is something really special for me. Regrettably, it’s something that we didn’t do often enough when my own parents were alive.

I took these photographs in Grandmother’s garden. With young children a familiar setting works really well because they are on their own territory and they’re comfortable with it. If they want to get a drink or play whilst I’m photographing portraits of other members of the family, they can. And this makes the session much less stressful all round. If everyone is more relaxed then we get better and much more engaging pictures. It’s really that simple.

If you have family coming together for a family reunion that would be a great opportunity to make the occasion with some beautiful, natural family portraits, pictures of three or more generations together, all of the grandchildren together, portraits of each of the smaller family groups and so on.

A little bit about our lifestyle portrait photography

After each session I edit the photographs and they’re usually ready within a week or so after the session. When we present the photographs to our clients we’ll look at the combinations that work best and advise on how to display them. By far the most popular option is bespoke framed photographs. Our bespoke frames are designed and made for each client to suit their personal style, taste and budgets. The smallest size is a 4″ frame and largest ones can be made to over 6′ and any size in between. With over 200 frame options, around 50 different ways of mounting your photographs in our bespoke frames, four different types of glass and maybe a dozen different type of paper, canvas, aluminium and acrylic to print your photographs on, we have a huge flexibility to make your family portraits in truly unique artworks to display in your home.

With the realisation that digital technology formats are constantly changing, more and more clients are choosing collections of photographs in a Queensberry album rather as an alternative to DVD and USB sticks.

If you’d to have chat about a lifestyle family portrait session, please call us on 01925 471091 or message us through our contact page.