Celebrate the love this St. Valentine's Day with a couples portrait

A portrait session for just the two of you is a really romantic, fun thing to do and it makes the perfect St Valentine’s Day gift. We did it to celebrate our silver wedding and it was great fun. Our favourite photograph, in black and white, hangs above the fireplace in our lounge and we have a couple of smaller ones too. It may seem that having photographs of ourselves is a bit self indulgent but I often look at them think, gosh is that really us? But it is. And having a romantic reminder of just us is a really important treasure. And it’s one that’s a permanent reminder of our love for each other.
You can buy a gift certificate for St. Valentine’s Day online using the link below. We’ll post you a gift voucher in a presentation box. The details are at the bottom of the page. If you’d like more information or to chat about a session call us on 01925 471091


One hour couples lifestyle portrait session and bespoke framed photograph – £235.00
A one hour couples portrait session and your favourite photograph in a bespoke frame of your choice*. This gift certificate is ideal for couples without children who want a little self indulgence. You can include a pet if you wish.

*The session and viewing must be taken within six months of the date of purchase of the certificate. The session can be for up to two people (and a pet) at your home or a location nearby. The photo size is approximate and depends on the crop of the chosen photograph. Your frame would have an overall glass size of 16″ (40cm) on the longest edge. Your frame is made to order in a mount and frame of your choice from our collection of over 200 frame styles and sizes. Other framed photographs, canvasses, acrylics or albums may be purchased separately. Unmounted prints are not available.

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Fashion for a Reason with The Teenage Cancer Trust & Harvey Nichols


Last Wednesday saw us at Harvey Nichols in Manchester for the Teenage Cancer Trust‘s Fashion Show. The show was called Fashion For A Reason and showcased the work the Teenage Cancer Trust does in the North West with young people living with cancer. The event also promoted the Trust’s Cinderella Project.


It was hosted by 19-year-old Olivia Cork, who was recently nominated for Cheshire Woman of the Year, alongside Ministry of Sound DJ James “Caino” Cain.

Olivia was 14 when she was diagnosed with bone cancer. She was treated on our unit at Alder Hey hospital in Liverpool, undergoing three cycles of chemotherapy and subsequently had her right leg amputated.


The event was supported by Harvey Nichols, Smooth FM, Boss Model Management, Barclays Bank and Lloyds Bank. We did the official photography as our contribution and Pete Baxter at Northwest Productions shot the videos.


Best friends Callum Ballantine and Samir Kamani presented their fashion label Made from Manchester, a unique clothing line which offers which offers men’s and women’s T-shirts sporting iconic Manchester slogans. The T-shirts were modelled on the night by the TCT crew and can be purchased online. All profits go to the Teenage Cancer Trust.











Pet photography with Broc the Collie – her 15 week session

Broc the Collie is now 15 weeks old and growing up. Her herding instincts are really coming out now and when she chases her ball she doesn’t run straight to it. She circles round on one side or the other, as if she was rounding it up. It’s really funny to watch. She just does it instinctively. Our son Ewan came over a few days ago with Broc for her next puppy portrait session. We went to the park near our home in Lymm, Cheshire, for Broc’s pet photography session.

It was a perfect Autumn day; bright and sunny, bone dry and no wind. The autumn colours were full on and complemented the tans and browns of Broc’s coat. Most Border Collies are black and white but Broc is a little bit different and has gorgeous markings. As she still has her puppy teeth which are like needles.

Here’s a selection from the day. Probably too many but she’s so cute it was hard to cut them down. If you want to see the photos from her first session, here’s the link.

Pet photographer Cheshire

Pet photographer Cheshire

Pet photographer Cheshire

Pet photographer Cheshire

Pet photographer Cheshire

Pet photographer Cheshire

Pet photographer Cheshire

Pet photographer Cheshire

Salter’s Den Publicity Photographs

Salter's Den 2015

One of the great things about being a portrait photographer is that I get to meet all kinds of people from all walks of life. I’ve become well known across the NorthWest for my business portraits and the business portraits have given me all kinds of opportunities to do other portrait work, commercial work, event photography and even weddings. Last week I photographed a beagle as a result of doing a business portrait for the owner a year ago.

I’ve worked with Howard Worth, Cheshire’s largest accountancy practice, for about 18 months now and in the Spring they asked me to photograph the team for the Salter’s Den competition for 2015. The judging panel for Salter’s Den 2015 is made up of local business leaders in Northwich area: Gerard Rooney from Moss Haselhurst Solicitors, Diane Johnson from Eric Johnson electrical Contractors, Claire Morley from NatWest and Chris Smith, from Howard Worth.

The Salter’s Den competition is looking for an entrepreneur or new business start up in the Northwich area that is worthy of winning a prize of £2,500 and on-going expert advice. The winner will receive a £2,500 cash prize as well as one years free business advice and support from Howard Worth and legal mentoring from Moss Haselhurst. There are also rewards for second and third place. Second place will receive six months support and mentoring and third place three months.

To enter the competition or for more information about Salter’s Den 2015, go to the Salter’s Den website and follow the links.

Broc's first puppy portrait

Meet Broc, Ewan and Emma’s gorgeous brown and tan border collie puppy. She’s still a bit wobbly on her paws but she’s as bright as a button and ever so cute. As she grows up I’ll be documenting her progress on my blog and you’ll be able to see the pics on my blog.

Puppy portrait photography sessions are great fun to do and a bit chaotic. You never quite know how things will turn out. Ewan made Broc a new wooden bed as he couldn’t find one that was quite right for her. As friends have seen pictures of Broc’s bed he’s now getting requests for more. If you’re interested you can contact him through me.





Justin Moorhouse & The Children's Adventure Farm Trust

A couple of weeks ago Helen, the press officer at the Children’s Adventure Farm Trust asked me to pop in to take some photos of comedian Justin Moorhouse and the cow he had donated to CAFT.

CAFT is a fantastic charity and I’ve been helping them with event photography for their charity fundraising events over the last couple of years and it’s been a real pleasure to be able to help them in a small way. They need to raise £1 million each year and they don’t receive any statutory funding.


CAFT provides a variety of programmes for terminally ill, disabled and disadvantaged children from all over the North West.

The needs of the children visiting The Adventure Farm range from complex and severe physical and learning disabilities, sensory impairments and terminal illnesses through to children who act as Carers for a family member, those dealing with bereavement and children who have been victims of abuse.

The Adventure Farm is a lifeline to children who are in desperate need. CAFT brings a little light and fun into the lives of children who have known terrible hardships at such an early age.

Helen Crowther, CAFT’s press officer and one of trust’s fundrasers told me “Justin is a long-standing supporter of our charity, he regularly aids our fundraising and spreads the word about the amazing work we do here at CAFT. It was no surprise therefore when he called me concerning a donation, but what I wasn’t expecting was that it would be a cow! We’re not a working farm so it was a relief to discover that this particular cow was fairly low maintenance and we gratefully accepted his very kind offer.

The cow has now been put out to pasture up near our pond and has quickly become one of the star attractions on our amazing 10 acre site. She joins a whole herd of animals including miniature donkeys, ducks, chickens, budgies and quails, helping us to provide a stimulating and fun environment for disabled, ill and disadvantaged children from all over the North West.

This was also a great opportunity for us to spread the word about our work, and to let everyone know how supportive Justin is of our work. Andrew is always on hand to help us and he didn’t hesitate for a moment when I needed a photographer to take some pics of Justin with the cow which I’ll be including in Press Releases and on our own blog page on our website. Thanks Andrew, you’re a star!”

The news story appeared in the Manchester Evening News and on the Knutsford Guardian website on Monday August 3rd, 2015.

If you’d like to find out more about CAFT or would like to make a donation please visit their website or call 01565 830053.

Estuary Cottage – Menai Holidays


Having a reputation for photographing people, I was surprised when I was asked if I’d like to look at doing property photography for Menai Holidays. I had done their business portraits a few weeks earlier but I really wasn’t sure about photographing houses, so we agreed to do a trial shoot and if it didn’t work out then no worries; it would have been an interesting day out and a chance to spend time in my beloved Anglesey, where I spent most of my childhood.

The scene of the trial was to be Estuary Cottage, near Moefre on the east coast of Anglesey. I’m very comfortable photographing people and pets in any situation, whether its a portrait session at home or abseiling off a water tower to photograph an engineer carrying out work. But this was different. Houses don’t give you feedback, you can’t tell if they are nervous, you can’t tease a smile from them and you can’t ask a sofa to move slightly if it’s not quite where you want it to be. So this was a whole new ball game.

The owners had made a huge effort to make sure that Estuary Cottage was finished to the highest standard and I really liked it as soon as I walked in and saw the views across the fields to the bay beyond. After the shoot I couldn’t wait to edit the photographs and share the finished results with the team at Menai Holidays. They were very pleased with the results and it was the start of a busy summer visiting and photographing many beautiful holiday homes in stunning locations on Anglesey and on the Lleyn Peninsula.

I quickly discovered that I liked photographing houses and I got to spend some time in some of the finest parts of North Wales. Estuary Cottage was the first of over 50 holiday homes that I photographed last year. I’ll be posting about other houses and lifestyle shoots for Menai Holidays over the coming months. If you fancy staying in one of them call Menai Holidays on 01248 430258 or use the links above to visit their website.



My labrador portraits featured on It's a Lab Thing

At the beginning of January I was asked by Antonio at Itsalabthing.com if they could feature some of my photos of Timber on their website. It’s a Lab Thing is a US based website about all things labrador and has a worldwide following.

It’s always good to share stuff with other people who like my photography so I was happy for them to use my pictures. Here’s a link to Andrew Collier Photography on It’s a Lab Thing.




Anne, Peter and Sam

I’ve known Anne Jackson since soon after I started out on my journey to become a portrait photographer some four years ago. We met though Anne’s work as chief executive of North West Cancer Research Fund.

Anne is one of the most inspirational, hard working and fun people I know and she has this infectious way of roping people in to help her with fund raising and promoting North West Cancer Research Fund. She’s also the most camera shy people I’ve ever met. After a lot of gentle cajoling I finally managed to persuade to let me do a family portrait session for her, her husband Peter and their son Sam. I asked Anne for a comment about the session and this is what she wrote. Anne said I could pick out the bits I wanted but I decided to publish it in full. Here it is:

‘So I hate (with a passion) having my photograph taken, we have a little man who doesn’t sit still for a second and a long suffering Husband who has given up trying to get us all in one place at one time for a family portrait. Andrew Collier on the other hand, has been telling me for years that he’s the man to do it. Not only did he really want to capture the gorgeous expressions that my Son Sam gives out on a daily basis but he also wanted to prove the he could take a decent photo of me. I didn’t believe him. You see, we’re not your average family. Our Son is living with Autism, is non-verbal and although nearly 10 is still like having a toddler who does everything at 100 mph and on his terms. A family portrait session literally filled us with dread. We were desperate though to capture his smile, not easy to do when someone’s mood can change in an instant and after years of not seeing him smile at all, we were really keen to get this beautiful little personality in print. We were very clear with Andrew from the start that Sam wouldn’t pose, wouldn’t sit still and in fact probably wouldn’t co-operate at all. To Andrew this was just a challenge, not a problem.

Andrew arrived at our house and instantly put us at ease, his relaxed approach to the session was infectious and before we knew it, Sam was playing happily in the garden blissfully unaware that someone was photographing his every move. Andrew was able to very quickly gain Sam’s trust, and he was quite content to allow Andrew to sit quietly in the garden and snap away. Then, it was my turn, horror set in. I can’t tell you how much I hate having my photograph taken, in fact so much so, I can’t stand my own wedding photographs. Andrew was his normal bouncy self and before I could even object to the bizarre position he seemed to have placed me in, we were done, surely not? I didn’t need telling twice, I was up and off. Although I soon had to return for the obligatory Husband and Wife moment, we laughed, we cringed, we hoped. After we’d spent some time at home and Sam seemed suitably relaxed in Andrew’s company we decided to head off to a local park. We had a lovely hour, strolling through the countryside, Sam being Sam, climbing, running, picking up leaves, shredding leaves and trying to get on top of the most ridiculous stone circle…anyway, throughout it all Andrew was snapping away and to be honest we kind of forgot the reason we were there.

A couple of weeks on and the evening was upon us. Andrew arrived with his screen ready to show us our pictures. To say we were blown away is probably an understatement. I wanted to sob. In a good way of course! He had managed to capture every possible expression that my beautiful Sam can offer, including the really loud shouty version on the top of the climbing frame!! Then the moment I was dreading……but wow, was that me? No, surely not? Yes, I had to admit, not bad for just over 40 with nearly 10 years of no sleep, perhaps Andrew was right, I can take a good picture. Then finally the picture of the two of us, just stunning. After being married for 12 years, finally a picture we truly loved. For us though, the session was about the incredibly special gift that is Sam. He is a remarkable little boy with a wonderful spirit and zest for life that is just priceless. The challenges he faces on a daily basis and will continue to face for the rest of his life, leaves me feeling so helpless sometimes but that’s what Autism is, an unpredictable future. Every day we realise more and more how beautiful he is, but sometimes his little quirks pass us by so quickly we miss how special they are. What Andrew managed to do is grasp in a frame, everything that makes him our Son, his little face lights up our lives and that in print is truly priceless.’

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