Dramatic portraits – seven years apart

dramatic portrait of young man in Warrington on a dark background

Portrait – what does it mean? It means different things to different people but the dictionary definition is ‘A portrait is a painting, photograph, sculpture, or other artistic representation of a person, in which the face and its expression is predominant. The intent is to display the likeness, personality, and even the mood of the person.’ And that last bit for me sums it up perfectly, likeness, personality and mood.

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Urban portraits and fabulous artworks

Sisters in bus stop- Urban portrait photography in Merseyside

I took this urban portrait of two sisters in Wallasey one November afternoon. I wanted something different to the usual close up portraits we had been shooting during the session and the bright yellow bus stop caught my eye. In colour it looked really garish but I knew that it would look stunning in black and white especially as the winter daylight was starting to fade.Read More

Julie, Dave, Becky & Simon – a family portrait in Cheshire

January might seem like a strange time to blog about a summer family portrait session, but I wanted to post these photos from a quick family portrait session I did with Julie and Dave and their children, Becky and Simon.

I met Julie and Dave a few years ago at a fundraiser for the Chiawa Trust.We did the session at their home in Lymm, Cheshire, and then by the Bridgewater Canal. Canals are a favourite backdrop for me as they have so many elements that work well for a family portrait session. Everyone walking along the canal side, boats in the background, bridges, walls and ancient bits of equipment all give a bit of character too. A canal in a rural location gives a wonderful countryside feel to the photos, but a canal in the city gives a completely different feel but is equally fantastic as a location for a family portrait session.

I’ll be posting about an urban family portrait session shortly and you can see the contrast between the two.







Debbie and her daughters

Debbie asked me if I’d do a family portrait photography session for her as she wanted some portrait photographs of her and her two daughters for Christmas. We went along to their home in Stockton Heath, on the south side of Warrington, Cheshire to do the photographs for them. It was a freezing cold, grey November morning and I decided we’d do the shoot in the centre of Stockton Heath village. It was a really good session but I was worried that we had hardly any smiley pictures of Debbie’s younger daughter. But When Debbie saw the pictures she loved and said that the pictures just captured the character of both the girls. Looking back at the pictures after nearly eighteen months I’m really delighted with them. The two girls individual characters just shine through – and that is exactly what my style of portrait photography is all about.

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Jessica's prom dress

High school proms are amazing events, filled with so much joy and expectation. And the two big questions are what to wear and how to get there, everything else seems less important. The school prom is probably one of the first opportunities for young people to be celebrities for a night!

In the summer of 2010 I was asked to do a prom dress shoot for Jessica just before she set off for her high school prom. It was the first prom dress photography shoot that I’d done so I was really looking forward to it. We only had ten minutes to take the photographs. Jessica looked truly fantastic and her dress was amazing.

Here’s a small selection from the session.

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School's Out

Lifestyle portrait photography means different things to different people so when I was asked if I’d do a shoot for Pete Linas’s daughter and her friends on their last day of school I wasn’t sure what type of portrait photography we’d do.

We wanted to capture the moment. Seven best friends who’d been so close at school, celebrating that friendship, but probably not knowing if they’d stay close friends in the future. As our lives develop we go in different directions and end up being separated from our friends but those friendships remain important and even if we don’t see each other for many years, we can reconnect and pick up where we left off.

Even though it poured down we got some fabulous, informal portraits that the girls will be able to treasure forever and say, ‘do you remember when…’

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A summer family portrait shoot with Colin and his daughters

My friend Colin Lindsay wanted a family portrait session for him and his two daughters. We did the session at their home in the Cheshire countryside last summer. There were so many fabulous pictures from the session that it was difficult choosing which ones to show them. Colin wanted to display is pictures a little bit differently and we designed a collection of tiny framed pictures which look amazing on his living room wall.

Choosing a small selection for this blog post was really difficult and I’m trying to think of another way to show them all.

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An autumn family portrait

When Kim and Des’s daughter came home from school with her new school photos, they were all really disappointed with the pictures and Kim rang me to ask me to do a lifestyle portrait session for their daughter. Kim and Des wanted a set of pictures that captured their daughter’s personality and showed the real her. We had a great session and made some amazing images. Here’s a small selection from the day.

Find out more about our lifestyle family portraits here

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John & Julie & Family

Here’s a post from a family shoot we did with John & Julie and their family in the Spring. When people think about family portraits they usually think about younger families. Older families, where the children are growing up and getting ready to leave home for the big wide world often don’t think about having a family portrait to mark that point in time, the big change in all of their lives, where the relationship between parents and children changes massively.

If you’d like to know more about portraits for older families, click here.

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Sue & Sam

I met Sue last summer when I was doing a shoot for UK Model’s category sponsors, Skin Genesis. She had a great time doing that shoot and she asked me to do a portrait session for her and her daughter Sam. They wanted the photographs as Christmas presents for Sue Husband and Sam’ grandparents. Here’s a small selection from the day.

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