Sisters in bus stop- Urban portrait photography in Merseyside

I took this urban portrait of two sisters in Wallasey one November afternoon. I wanted something different to the usual close up portraits we had been shooting during the session and the bright yellow bus stop caught my eye. In colour it looked really garish but I knew that it would look stunning in black and white especially as the winter daylight was starting to fade.

The deep mount and chunky black, solid wood frame work perfectly with the warm but monotone feel to this contemporary living room. My bespoke framed photographs are designed for the space where they will hang. The photographs are printed on archival grade Gicleé papers and framed behind water white glass. The glass and mount sandwich is sealed all the way round. We do this to keep the bugs out. The layers are bonded together to prevent the image moving at some time in the future. This makes my bespoke framed portraits something be treasured for generations to come. The people in them will change but memory will be captured forever.