A portrait photo of three shiatsus in Tarporley, Cheshire

Capturing the true character of a dog in a photograph is paramount. It turns a good photo into a great photo. Capturing the true character of THREE dogs in the same photograph requires more than skill and experience – it demands patience.


Good job I have it by the bucketload. Waiting for that precise moment when everything lines up for an outstanding image is always worth it.


The family who hired me to take photographs of their dogs got more than a set of images. The whole photoshoot was an amazing experience. What goes on behind the scenes also makes lasting memories.

Why have professional photographs of your dogs?


I guarantee that all dog owners have thousands of pictures of their beloved pet stored on their phones. I also bet that a high percentage of them are a little blurred and taken a split second after the ideal setting presented itself.


A professional pet photograph makes all the difference. Dogs don’t understand what is going on and can’t be told to strike a pose. They’re always busy doing their thing. Having me ready with my camera while you interact naturally with your dog is a winning situation.


Keep calm and have the treats at the ready


First of all, I tell the ‘humans’ not to worry if the dog, or in this case, dogs are a little lively at first. They’ll pick up on any anxieties and this will make the shoot harder. As I said earlier, I’m patient and happy to take the time for them to feel comfortable with me being around.


Once all the sniffing is over – I’m used to that too – we can set about the shoot.


Natural light


The best light is natural light, but I can mimic this if the conditions aren’t quite right. Being outdoors is best as is avoids flash which may frighten the dog. As you can see from the picture, the natural light brings out the dogs’ eyes.


Keeping the eyes sharp is one of the key ingredients to capturing their personalities.


Their TRUE character


These dogs were happiest playing together. They were gentle in their play took so I took photos to reflect this.


There’s never any point trying to get animals to do things that they wouldn’t naturally do. I have been asked to take photos of dogs running through puddles before now. The owner thought it would look fun and dramatic. Hmmm, but the dog clearly doesn’t like getting his paws wet. Plus, you want to remember them for the goofy things they do.


Seconds count


The element of surprise works well on a pet photoshoot. This method allows me to set up my equipment and check on all my settings. Here, we let the dogs calmly settle together in the one spot. The owner made a noise to attract their attention and in that nano second when they were all looking in the same direction I took the photograph. The second before and after it was a different matter!


Get in touch


If you’d like me to take your dog’s photograph and join me for a lot of fun, please call us on 01925 471091 or message us through our contact page.