Stuck in a drawer or out on display?

We’re probably all guilty of having packets of printed photographs in drawers which were taken before the convenience of taking photos on our mobile phones. And what about the photos on our laptops, USB sticks, DVDs (yes, remember them?) and those sat on a cloud storage somewhere out in cyberspace.

It’s a wonderful thing having your family photographs out on display, this is where they belong, this is their purpose. Keeping your photographs out of sight is keeping them, and their memories, out of mind.

I want you to love your professionally taken photographs. It is my wish that you place them somewhere in your home where you can enjoy them every day. And as time passes, these photographs will become even more important and treasured. It does make me feel a little sad when clients ask for their photos on a stick saying they’ll get round to getting them printed sometime soon.

From experience the ‘sometime soon’ never happens. And if they do, they buy a cheap frame that does nothing to enhance the photographs. Worse still, the frame may even start to bow after a few months.

Size really does matter

Using a frame too big for a space will cause it to look out of place and squashed. The same goes for small frames in large spaces, they look lost and as my mum would have said, ‘like a pea on a drum’.

I brief my framer in full and once the frame has been constructed especially for you, I’ll deliver it yo and hang it for you.

Over the last ten years of being a professional portrait photographer, I’ve found that most people hate hanging pictures. Putting the nail in is easy. It’s knowing where to put the nail that causes the issue. It requires thought and decision, and I’ve heard can lead to arguments.

I love seeing what I’ve created on display, in pride of place in my clients’ homes. Putting the frames in their forever homes lights up my clients’ faces and I know that they will enjoy the photograph for years to come. This is why I do what I do.

Get in touch

If you want to talk about framing and have the best frame for your photograph, just let me know and I’ll do the rest. Call me on 01925 471091 or drop me a quick message.